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Manage Notifications in Your App
Manage Notifications in Your App
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Maintaining clear visibility into project progress, critical issues, and upcoming tasks is paramount for seamless collaboration and achieving project goals. This guide dives into your app's notification features, empowering you to stay informed and optimize your workflow.

Your Central Hub for Updates:

Think of your app's notification center as your mission control, keeping you informed about various project activities:

  • All: This comprehensive section provides a consolidated view of all notifications from different areas, offering a quick way to scan through everything or use filters for specific sections.

  • Projects: Stay on top of your projects by clicking the "Projects" tab. Receive updates on project creation, modifications, and status changes, ensuring you're always in the know about project developments.

  • Issues: Proactively address potential roadblocks by clicking the "Issues" tab. Get notified about new issues, assigned issues, and any changes in their status, allowing for prompt responses and timely resolution.

  • Tasks: Manage your workload effectively with the "Tasks" tab. Receive notifications for assigned tasks, approaching deadlines, and task completion updates, keeping you accountable and focused on meeting deadlines.

  • Capture: Stay informed about new information captured and processed within your projects by clicking the "Capture" tab. This ensures you're always up-to-date on any crucial data relevant to your projects.

Staying Informed, Achieving Success:

By effectively utilizing the notification features within your app, you can stay informed about crucial project updates, manage your workload efficiently, and contribute to achieving successful outcomes through informed collaboration.

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