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Troubleshoot - 360 Camera Disconnections
Troubleshoot - 360 Camera Disconnections
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360 Camera Disconnect Alert Audible & Visible Alerts:

Experience a voice message and a popup notification if your 360 Camera disconnects during a capture. Ensure your phone isn't in silent mode to stay informed.

Troubleshoot - 360 Camera Disconnections:

If your 360 Camera disconnects with the ConstructN App during a capture, a popup notification will be visible

Case 1 - Ongoing Recording If there is a disconnection but the camera is still on - Click 'OK' on the notification. Then reconnect your phone and the camera and the app will prompt you to save the recorded video until the point of disconnection.

In extremely rare scenarios, clicking 'OK' may take 1 to 2 mins. Kindly wait patiently to ensure your video is securely stored.

Case 2 - Camera Switched Off If the 360 camera switches off abruptly, ConstructN can't save videos. Restart the capture, ensuring your camera is charged and updated to the latest firmware to prevent such occurrences

For more information of camera connection issues please check the link below:

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