User Access Permissions
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User access management is crucial to protect sensitive project data from unauthorized access, and maintain confidentiality and integrity. It involves granting or revoking access privileges by assigning relevant roles or permissions, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to the information they need to work effectively.

Our user access management has the following roles mentioned below :

  • Administrator

  • Collaborator

  • Viewer

Below you will find the options available to you across different features

1. Projects:




Assign User

Delete User

Change User Access

Edit Project Details*

View Users

View Project Details^

* Collaborators and Viewers can only access the project(s) which are assigned to them.

^ Project Details refer to information like location, name and configure a project under the ‘Project Configuration’ option which you will find behind every project card.

2. Views: An Admin can assign building / level specific access to Collaborators and Viewers manually by reaching out to the ConstructN support team. Admins should contact ConstructN via [email protected] with details of registered users email IDs and the access they should be awarded.

3. Captures:




Upload captures

Remove User access

View reality

4. Tasks/Issues:




View task/issue

Create task/issue

Edit task/issue

Delete task/issue

Assign users to a task/issue

Task/Issue configuration at project level*

* refers to configuring a project under the ‘Project Configuration’ option

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