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Constructn Project Cards: A User Guide
Constructn Project Cards: A User Guide
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This guide will familiarize you with Constructn's new project card design, offering a more informative and flexible experience for managing your projects.

Key Features:

  • Responsive Design: The card adapts to different screen sizes, ensuring optimal viewing on any device.

  • Scalable Information: The card can accommodate more buttons and details as needed, future-proofing its functionality.

  • Improved Navigation: Information is presented clearly, allowing for quicker understanding of project status.

  • Customizable Views:

    • Favorite Projects: Mark important projects with a star for easy access. Favorited projects maintain their position regardless of sorting applied.

    • Tooltips: Hover over icons like "Settings" or "Project Details" for brief explanations.

Project Card Elements:

Company Logo (For Specific Users): Certain users (including demo accounts) will see a company logo in the top left corner, uploaded by the processing or sales team.

Project Image:

  • User-uploaded images will fill the available space.

  • A default image displays if no image is uploaded.

Project Information:

  • City: Location details from project data.

  • Capture Availability: Shows "Available" or "Not Available" for 2D progress. Clicking this leads to the 2D progress landing page.

  • Capture Types: Displays available capture types (e.g., Drone, Phone Image). Clicking the "More" button reveals additional types when the card shrinks.

  • Last Captured Date: Reflects the date of the latest processed/unprocessed capture.

Team Management:

  • User avatars represent team members assigned to the project.

  • "Add User" button allows adding team members (restricted to users with permission). Clicking a user avatar opens the "Manage User" screen.

  • Favorite Button: Mark important projects with a star for quick access. Favorited projects remain at the top left, regardless of sorting applied.

  • Action Buttons:

    • Certain buttons (e.g., Dashboards & Reports, Schedule) will be hidden if unavailable for the project.

    • Clicking the project card itself typically leads to the "Hierarchy" screen.

Landing Page Updates:

The project landing page has been improved with:

  • Quick Filters: Filter projects by "All," "Starred," "Complete Setup," and "Pending Approval" at the top. (Note: "Complete Setup" and "Pending Approval" might always be displayed, regardless of filter selection.)

Please Note:

  • Some features mentioned may not be available in the initial release (e.g., red banner indicators).

  • Certain functionalities (e.g., adding users) may be restricted based on user permissions.

We hope this guide empowers you to effectively navigate and manage your projects using Constructn's new project card design!

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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