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Adding New Users to Project
Adding New Users to Project
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Only ConstructN users with Admin access will have the capability to invite and add new users to your projects, facilitating collaboration and efficient project management. Adding new users is a simple process that allows you to expand your team and grant access to specific projects within our platform.

Here's how you can add new users to your project:

  1. You can view the list of users and their role (including yours) by following these steps

    1. Click on the Project Card to go to the ‘Views’ page

    2. Click on users button on the navigation bar to the left side of the screen to view the users page

    3. On this page you will find the list of users and their roles(See a sample line below for a user)

    4. You can find your ID and check the role you have and/or also find a user with Admin role

  2. You can click on the ‘Add User’ button at the top right side of the screen.

  3. You will see the below screen where you can add multiple users by giving multiple emails separated by commas(,). Click the right arrow, assign the specific roles : Admin, Collaborator or Viewer. Select the appropriate role(s) based on the level of access and permissions you want to grant to each user. Click on ‘Add User’ to finish adding users. You are also prompted about existing email IDs or emails with formatting issues.

  4. An invitation email will be sent to users who are not already registered with

  5. Upon sending the invitations, the new users will receive an email notification with instructions on how to accept the invitation and create their ConstructN account. They will be prompted to set up their login credentials and complete any necessary profile information.

  6. Once the new users accept the invitations and join the project, they will gain access to the specified project with the assigned roles and permissions. Collaborators will be able to contribute to the project, while Viewers will have read-only access to project materials.

Remember that as an Admin, you have the authority to modify user roles and permissions, granting or revoking access as needed. This allows you to maintain control over your projects and ensure that each user has the appropriate level of access to fulfil their responsibilities.

In case you are not an Admin you will have to request access by reaching out to one of the Admins of the project.

If you encounter any difficulties or have further questions regarding adding new users to your projects on ConstructN, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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