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Interior Walkthrough
Interior Walkthrough
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3D Reality View:

CosntructN allows you to do virtual walkthroughs of your project site without going to the site thereby reducing your travel time and saving valuable time. You now have access to an accurate visual record of your site across the project timeline - that gives your greater visibility and control.

Once you click on the Reality button at the top right of the screen, you are redirected to the 3D reality view of your project. This tab gives you a 360-degree image walkthrough of your project interiors. It is a simple easy-to-use interface that provides an easy way to navigate across your interiors and gives you a feel of walking at the site. You can navigate using both mouse and arrow keys.

Walkthrough using arrow keys:

You reach the default location of where the capture has been initiated. Use your arrow keys to move in any direction you want. You can pan and tilt using your mouse to look at different angles. You can move across a complete floor by using just your arrow keys.

Your location & orientation with respect to the floor is also depicted using a blue arrow cursor atop the floor map

Walkthrough using mini floor map:

Your position is also highlighted on the mini floor map on the upper left-hand side of the screen. The mini floor map can be expanded for a better view. The orange path is an indication of the capture path taken earlier & any point on the path can be selected to jump to that location.

The mini floor map can be modified and expanded for a better view. You can drag it to any part of the screen that you would like to. You can resize or minimise the mini map as per your requirements.

You can also jump in time to any capture by clicking on the calendar at the bottom of the screen. That will pop out the calendar where you can see all dates that have captures highlighted in - and color indicators will vary based on the sheet you are on and your current location.

Finally, to compare and contrast dates side by side, click on the Compare Reality button at the top right and then change the date on one side, as shown below.

‘Timeline Compare’ across different dates lets you compare the indoor 360 images and get a clear visual understanding of the progress between those dates.

For any further questions or issues, feel free to reach to us at [email protected]

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