Floor Plans for Interior Captures
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Choosing the Right Floor Plan for Tracking on ConstructN

  1. Global Coordinates: Please ensure that the floor plans shared have the global coordinates. This helps us with the transformation which in turn helps with the alignment of the captured images on the plan.

  2. Scale: Please ensure that the scale info is available and shown on the shared plans. This helps us with correct quantification and progress tracking different elements.

  3. True North: It is a good practice to ensure that true north is shown on the shared plans. This helps the users to understand the directions when viewing realities.

  4. Activities at Site: When selecting floor maps, it is important to ensure they are appropriate for the task at hand. For instance, if the project involves remodeling or demolition, using existing conditions floor plans is recommended to ensure precise origin point selection. Once the project transitions from demolition to the construction phase, a new floor map can be uploaded.

  5. Foundation: During the foundation stage, it is beneficial to use floor maps that include details such as fencing or layout information. These details assist in providing a comprehensive understanding of the project's foundation, making it easier for users to capture and interpret the necessary data accurately.

  6. Clean Drawing:

    1. When capturing interior details, it is vital to utilize architectural drawings that encompass walls and significant structural elements. These drawings provide a clear and precise representation of the space, ensuring the captured information is accurate. It is advisable to avoid using overcrowded or ambiguous drawings, as they can make it challenging to comprehend the floor plan and may affect the processing stage negatively.

    2. Ensure Good Quality: For optimal results, it is recommended to share well-prepared AutoCAD (.dwg) drawings. A good drawing should correspond to a single area or floor only. If the drawing includes multiple areas or floors, it is preferable to crop it into individual sections and share those specific drawings. Additionally, the drawing should not be excessively cluttered with elements such as MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) components or CAD renderings, as this can make it difficult to locate the starting point during capture and may cause processing delays.

Few examples of Good floor plan

Few examples of Bad floor plan

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