Compare Design
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The Compare Design feature allows you to compare design with reality and understand if the construction is as per the planned design.

Compare Design allows side-by-side comparison of BIM with the reality capture data. This feature can be accessed by users during interior walkthrough - click on the Compare Design icon and the BIM would load.

This helps teams to compare the actual construction on site with the design and detect any deviations when compared with the BIM.

Once the BIM compare is active, you can move around and check the site by navigating on the Reality side and the BIM also aligns with your movement to that specific location making it easier for teams to compare actual work on site to design.

Note: You can only navigate on the Reality side of the compare view. YOU CANNOT NAVIGATE FROM THE DESIGN SIDE OF THE COMPARE SCREEN.

Once you've finished comparing, you can exit the Comparison View by clicking on the ‘Hide Compare’ button under ‘Compare Views’ at the top right of the screen.

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