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Uploader Option: Starting a New Upload
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Welcome to the Uploader Option in our platform, designed to facilitate seamless file uploads and streamline your workflow. Here's a concise guide on how to initiate a new upload:

Accessing the Uploader:

  • Log in to your account.

  • Select the project for file upload.

  • Navigate to the "View" page, and click on the upload icon in the navigation bar.

Starting a New Upload:

  • After clicking the upload icon, select 'Start a new upload.'

  • On the details screen, choose 'View Name' and 'Capture Date.'

  • Click 'Continue' (ensure the date is selected to enable the button).

For more information on starting a new upload please check the link New upload

File Upload Process:

  • Initiate file uploading by clicking 'Upload.'

  • Files are automatically sent for processing upon successful upload.

  • Drag and drop or search for files on the "Select File" screen.

  • Only jpeg and jpg files with metadata are supported.

  • Confirm added files by clicking "Confirm Images."

For more information on choosing files please check the link Files selection

Ground Control Points (GCPs):

  • Understand the importance of GCPs for accuracy in geospatial data.

  • Upload or manually enter at least 4 GCPs in LatLng or UTM format.

  • GCPs must be in CSV file format; only jpg or png files are supported.

  • Add descriptions or images to identify GCPs.

For more information on GCP's check the link GCP'S

Review and Final Upload:

  • Check the Review screen for all details.

  • Click 'Upload' to start the file upload process.

  • Monitor the progress; uploads happen in the background.

Monitoring Upload Progress:

  • Access the Uploader icon on the top navigation bar.

  • See the list of uploads in progress.

  • Click on a particular upload to check the state of each file.

  • You can check the progress of the upload in the navigation on top right side of screen

  • If some files fail to upload, skip them and upload later.

  • Failed files are marked with an error icon.

  • Click 'Ignore and process' to submit failed files for processing.

For more information on upload status please check the link Upload status

Here are the Frequently asked questions regarding the Uploader FAQ

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