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GCP(Ground Control Points)
GCP(Ground Control Points)
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What is GCP(Ground control Point)?

A Ground Control Point (GCP) is a known and precisely located point on the Earth's surface that is used as a reference in georeferencing or mapping applications. GCPs serve as critical control markers to align and adjust aerial or satellite imagery, ensuring accurate positioning and scaling of the imagery onto a specific coordinate system or map.

Why do we need GCPs?

Ground Control Points are fundamental for ensuring the accuracy and reliability of geospatial data. They serve as reference points that tie imagery or remote sensing data to specific geographic locations

Choose GCPs

  • If you are submitting GCPs, please upload or manually enter at least 4 GCPs in LatLng or UTM format.

  • Until four GCPs have been delivered, the Continue button is disabled.

Drag and Drop/ Browse GCPs file

  • Sample UTM or LatLng files are available for download.

  • GCPs must be in CSV file format.

  • You can delete any GCP by clicking the delete icon and making sure there are no errors. Add descriptions or upload images to identify GCPs.

  • Only jpg or png files are supported.

Manually input GCPs

Manually input Ground Control Points (GCPs) by selecting the option to enter at least 4 GCPs in LatLng or UTM format

Note: Providing GCPs is an optional step. You can click the ‘Skip GCPs’ button to move to the next step. However, providing GCPs helps achieve better alignment.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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