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Project Onboarding: A Comprehensive Guide
Project Onboarding: A Comprehensive Guide
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Project Onboarding represents a significant leap forward in user experience, streamlining the process of creating and managing projects. This guide delves into the core functionalities, benefits, and considerations surrounding this update.

Simplified Approval Process: Faster Time to Project Initiation

Project Onboarding introduces a two-stage flow to expedite project setup:

  • Pre-Business Approval: This initial stage presents a single-page form where users enter essential project details. Upon submission, the project is routed for business team review and approval. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for users to upload all project files upfront, potentially before gaining project approval.

  • Post-Business Approval: Once a project receives approval, users can access the "Project Details" section. Here, they can leverage functionalities like:

    • Sheet Upload: Within the "Hierarchy & Sheets" section, users can upload plan drawing sheets (currently limited to single-page PDFs).

    • BIM Upload and Management: The "Upload BIM" tab allows users to upload Building Information Models (BIMs) associated with their projects. Users can also replace existing BIM files if needed.

    • Project Configuration Management: Project configuration settings, previously located on the project card, are now accessible within a dedicated "Project Configuration" tab. This tab allows users to customize various aspects of their project workflow, such as priority levels for issues and tasks, and project-specific tags.

Enhanced User Experience: Reduced Manual Input and Improved Accuracy

Project Onboarding incorporates features designed to simplify the onboarding process and minimize user effort:

  • Auto-Populated Address Fields: The project details page now features a map view. Selecting a location on the map automatically retrieves and populates the corresponding address fields, reducing the need for manual entry.

  • Intuitive File Management: Uploading project sheets and BIMs is streamlined within designated sections of the "Project Details" page. Users can also preview and manage uploaded files with ease.

  • Visual Confirmation: The map view within the project details page allows users to visually confirm the project location, enhancing data accuracy.

Additional Considerations

  • Future Integrations: ProCore and ACC integrations, as well as Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality, are planned for future updates, aiming to further streamline project workflows.

  • Knowledge Base Resources: A comprehensive knowledge base is available, providing detailed guides on specific functionalities within Project Onboarding. Users can access these resources for step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting assistance.

  • Support: Our dedicated support team is readily available to answer any questions and provide assistance throughout the onboarding process.

Benefits of Project Onboarding.

  • Reduced Time to Project Setup: The streamlined approval process and user-friendly interface significantly expedite project initiation.

  • Improved User Experience: Auto-populated fields, intuitive file management, and a clear flow minimize user effort and enhance overall experience.

  • Increased Efficiency: Project Onboarding empowers users to focus on project execution by reducing time spent on manual data entry and setup tasks.

  • Enhanced Data Accuracy: Features like auto-populated addresses and visual location confirmation help ensure the accuracy of project data.

Overall, Project Onboarding represents a significant step forward for users. This update simplifies project creation, improves user experience, and empowers teams to initiate and manage projects with greater efficiency.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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