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Capture Issues
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Here are some common issues you may encounter while capturing data with the ConstructN app and how to resolve them.

Low Camera Battery

If the camera battery is less than 20%, the app will not allow you to start a new capture. This is to prevent any loss of data if the camera turns off, which would make your capture effort go in vain.

Solution: Charge your battery sufficiently before starting a new capture. Plan your capture length keeping in mind the battery level.

Low Camera SD Card Storage

Similarly, if the free camera storage is less than 20%, the app will not allow you to start a new capture. This measure is to ensure your capture effort does not go unrecorded due to lack of storage space.

Solution: Free up your camera's micro-SD card space before starting a new capture.

App Crashing

Our ConstructN app sometimes might get automatically closed by the iOS operating system when it runs for a long time. This is part of Apple's Battery and Performance management measures. The app will be available for use again after a couple of minutes. We are continuously working to improve this experience.

In another scenario, if you receive a call on your mobile while capturing, your current capture gets interrupted and saved up to that moment. You will need to start a new capture post the interruption.

There's also a risk of losing your capture if the app crashes. We recommend planning your captures for a maximum of 15-20 minutes to minimize this risk as we work on enhancing the stability of our app.

SD Card related Issues

The ConstructN app provides information about the SD card's storage status. If the SD card is full or almost full, the app will display a message alerting you to this situation.

Solution: Regularly check the storage status of your SD card and free up space as required to avoid disruptions during capture.

Image Quality Issues

It could be possible if you are using InstaX3 camera. It has been observed that this camera might not deliver images of the highest quality under certain conditions. Therefore, we do not recommend using this camera to capture images.

Solution: Try using other cameras as recommended in this article.

We hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions please reach out to [email protected]

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