Task Markups
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Task markups are an incredibly valuable tool when it comes to team collaboration, particularly for addressing specific issues in shared visuals like photos or designs. This feature allows team members to call attention to distinct areas or problems by directly annotating the photo.

On Web

Step 1: Create task

Click on the Create Task in the top toolbar and click on the specific location on the photo. This will initiate the task creation process and will open up a task form on the left side of the screen.

Step 2: Enter Task Details: In the task form, fill out the necessary details. These often include:

  • Title: Give the task a brief, clear title that indicates what needs to be done.

  • Task Type: If your platform allows, select the type of task. This could be a categorization like 'bug', 'feature request', 'improvement', etc., depending on the nature of your project.

  • Description: Provide a more detailed explanation of what the task involves. Include any necessary instructions or specifics about what the task assignee needs to accomplish.

  • Priority: Set the priority level for the task. This usually ranges from 'low' to ‘High'. It helps assignees and team leaders understand the urgency of the task.

  • Assign to a concerned member: you can assign the task to a specific person or a team. This designates who is responsible for completing the task.

  • Timeline: Set a due date and, if needed, a start date for the task. This helps in tracking if that work is completed in a timely manner.

  • Tags: Add any relevant tags to the task. Tags can be used to indicate things like the type of work involved, etc.

Step 3: Save the Task:

Once you've filled in all the necessary details, save the task. After saving the task, a task icon will appear at the specific location on the image where you clicked during task creation. This serves as a visual reminder of where the issue is located or what area the task pertains to.

You can access all the tasks associated with the particular floor by clicking on the 'Task List' icon (highlighted) in the toolbar.

This will open up a list displaying all tasks for that floor. The tasks are typically listed by their title, and you might be able to see other details at a glance, like the task priority, assignee, due date. You can check the relevant tasks by sorting, searching, and filtering tasks as per your requirement.

On Mobile

Step 1: Create task

Click on the Task icon in the lower toolbar and click on the specific location on the photo.

Step 2 & Step 3 are similar to the steps mentioned above for the web solution

A well-annotated task on a photo can greatly enhance communication within your team and help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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