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Completing Project Setup After Business Approval
Completing Project Setup After Business Approval
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Project Onboarding simplifies the process of creating new projects. This article explains what to expect after your project receives business approval and how to complete the project setup.

Post-Approval Stages

Once your project is approved, you'll encounter different stages depending on your file uploads:

  • Pending Setup: This initial stage indicates that your project is ready for further setup. You can now access the "Project Details" section to upload essential project files.

  • Project Ready (Current Behavior): If your project has approved plans and at least one converted file, it enters this stage. You'll see a normal project card displaying capture details.

Uploading Project Files (Pending Setup)

To complete project setup after approval:

  1. Locate the approved project.

  2. You'll likely see a "Complete Setup" button on the project card. Click this button.

  1. This action will redirect you to the "Project Details" section within the left navigation bar.

  2. Navigate to the "Hierarchy & Sheets" section. This is where you can upload project-related files like floor plans and sheets.

    You can also add sublevels in this section using the "+" mark next to add drawing button.


3. In this section you can upload you BIM models.

Understanding Project Statuses (Visuals to be included)

The specific visuals might differ slightly based on your user interface, but the final knowledge base article will incorporate visuals to help you identify the following project statuses:

  • Pending Setup: This status indicates your project awaits file uploads.

  • Project Ready: This status means your project is ready for use within the platform.

Additional Information

  • You can refresh the project status using a designated "Refresh" option (available in specific stages) to get the latest update.

  • The system allows editing and uploading new files even after the initial setup is complete. You can access these options within the "Project Details" page.

We recommend familiarizing yourself with these post-approval stages and file upload procedures to ensure a smooth project setup experience. If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

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