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Map View - True North and Free Orbit
Map View - True North and Free Orbit
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Introducing the Free Orbit & True North Feature in ConstructN Web App!

We're excited to bring you an innovative addition to the 'Map' reality type in ConstructN Web App ( This new feature empowers you to explore the β€˜Map’ reality view like never before by simply clicking on the 'Compass Icon' now available in the 'Map' reality view.

You can locate this icon conveniently in the top-right corner of the screen, positioned just below the zoom in and zoom out buttons in 'Map' View.

How to Use:

  1. Free Orbit:
    Click on the 'Compass Icon' and keep it clicked. While doing so, you can:

    • Move the pointer up and down to tilt the map.

    • Move the pointer left and right to rotate the map in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions respectively.

  2. Align to True North:
    No matter how the map is currently oriented, a single click on this button instantly aligns the map to true north, providing you with seamless navigation.

Now, experience the freedom to explore and effortlessly align maps with ConstructN Free Orbit / True North Feature, enhancing your navigation in the Map reality view.

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