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New Project Onboarding Overview
New Project Onboarding Overview
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Welcome to the New Project Onboarding feature in ConstructN, designed to make project initiation and management seamless.

This feature emphasizes key aspects: Effortless Project Creation, Time Saving, and Enhanced User Control.

Key Features:

Effortless Project Creation:

  • Click on the “Create New Project” button at the top of the screen to begin.

  • Fill in mandatory fields on the Project Details screen.

  • Save a draft at any stage, accessible for editing later.

For more information on project creation please check the link New project creation

Time Saving:

  • Project Hierarchy allows adding drawings and sublevels efficiently.

  • Save drafts in every step, ensuring flexibility in completing the project.

  • Upload drawings in PDF or DWG format and BIM in .RVT or .NWD format.

For more information on uploading files please check the link Files uploading and BIM Uploading

Enhanced User Control:

  • Add users using the ‘Add User’ button, assigning roles like admins, collaborators, or viewers.

  • Admins receive standard add user emails; collaborators and viewers receive notifications.

  • Review screen displays project details before completion.

Completion and Review:

  • Click ‘Complete’ in the Review screen for project finalization.

  • Success message confirms completion; the project awaits team review.

Pending Approval:

  • Home screen displays the project card as ‘Pending Approval.’

  • Access to the project is restricted until approved by the ConstructN team.

For more information on how to add users and reviewing please check link Adding user


  • Save drafts at any stage to resume later.

  • File Formats: Follow specific file formats for drawings (PDF, DWG) and BIM (.RVT, .NWD).

  • User Roles: Admins, collaborators, and viewers have distinct roles and email notifications.

  • Project Access: Restricted until team approval; ‘Pending Approval’ status indicates ongoing review.

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team at [email protected]

This user-centric approach aims to empower users, transforming their project management experience. For detailed instructions, refer to the specific steps outlined above. Happy project managing with ConstructN!

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