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Stay Informed on your Projects with Notifications

In the dynamic realm of construction project management, staying well-informed is not just a convenience; it's a necessity. We're excited to introduce you to our Notifications Feature in ConstructN (accessible at This is designed to empower you with real-time updates regarding your 'Projects,' 'Issues,' 'Tasks,' and 'Snapshots.'

When you log in, you'll notice a bell icon, your gateway to the latest developments. It will display a count of unread notifications since your last session. ConstructN will conveniently load your first set of ten notifications, and you have the option to load more as you go. Finding your way back to your most recent notification is a breeze with the 'Top' button. In this article, we will delve into the details of the various actions and changes that trigger notifications as of the current date. Welcome to a more connected and informed experience with ConstructN Notifications.

  1. Project Notifications:

    • Project User Assigned

    • Project Updated

    • Project Structure Added

    • Project Structure Modified - new design

    • Project User De-assigned

    • Project User Role Changing

  2. Task Notifications:

    • Task User Assigned

    • Task User Deassigned

    • Task Deleted

    • Add Comment for task

    • Modify Comment for task

  3. Issue Notifications:

    • Issue User Assigned

    • Issue User De-assigned

    • Issue Deleted

    • Add Comment for issue

    • Modify Comment for issue

  4. Snapshot Notifications

    • New Snapshot ready after processing

PS: Currently, notifications are available on our web app, and soon, we'll be rolling them out on ConstructN app too. Ability to turn notifications on and off will also be enabled soon.

Stay connected and up-to-date with our notification system, ensuring you never miss a beat on your projects.

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